About Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is a unique, steam heated yoga studio located in Williams Creek, Indianapolis.

Karma is not open to the public but grows individually one yogi at a time. Karma is a space that allows Jessica to develop and grow her personal teaching abilities blending yoga styles, techniques and experiences. This space gives Jessica the opportunity to grow her own personal practice and share her experiences with others through the gift of teaching.

Karma has a familial history…

Jessica’s father, Marc Freije opened Karma Records at 926 Broad Ripple Avenue (currently Union Jacks) in the spring of 1970. For a young music influenced hippie, you could say Karma records was his dharma. This record chain, fostered from a passion for music and strength of ingenuity, grew to 33 stores in 5 states. According to Marc, he got the name "Karma" from two sources; first, the highly popular Beatles song at that time, "Instant Karma" and the slang term used amongst his peers…"man…that’s Karma" referring to the Hindu principle of the reincarnation of one’s actions determining one’s future state.


Karma yoga was not born by chance, but by purpose.

There was no other option for Jessica when she decided to open her own yoga studio. The essence of Karma has a place in Jessica’s history and now an influential presence in her future. 

Request More Info

Karma Yoga classes are held in a studio located at a private residence. For this reason, you must fill out a form to request more information (including the exact address and instructions for using the online class registration system).